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We are young and full of passion, and we are fulfilling a great dream.

We should not only make every user become the winner in their industry,but also make every partner who joins UTL realize themselves.

We are eager for more like-minded friends to join the UTL family, here you not only have a good treatment and working environment, but also provides you with a stage to display your talents, passion and youth.

Utility Energy Co. ,Ltd. We look forward to your joining!

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Foreign trade assistant

PMC Specialist

Customer service engineer

Electronics Engineer

1、Responsible for docking with senior sales managers, supporting related sales work, and maintaining customer relationships

2、Responsible for freight forwarder contact and information processing, follow-up of customs declaration data

3、Update alibaba's foreign trade platform and maintain customers  

4、Coordinate with other departments to follow up the fulfillment and delivery of contracts and orders

1、Responsible for production order review and feedback

2、Demand analysis of production order materials and release of purchase plan

3、Develop and implement production plans to ensure that products are delivered to customers on time and on demand

4、Make summary statistics on the production, warehousing, and shipment of orders

1At least one year working experience in the same position or internal quality and control experience

2Understand the filling of 8D report

3Strong independence, good communication skills, able to handle exceptions independently

4Understand the knowledge of electronic components and circuits, and have an understanding of batteries

1、Communicate with customers about needs and solutions before the project is established

2、Circuit design and drawing document output after project initiation

3Follow up sample production and product trial production, mass production, and deal with various abnormalities .

4、Assist relevant departments to deal with the abnormality of the client product.

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